The Project

+02:003 March 20, 2016

Air pollution is THE environmental topic that European citizens worry about most. It is responsible for 400.000 premature deaths in Europe each year, and puts considerable damage to agriculture as well as our natural environment. Despite these facts the readiness and power of European citizens to take actions themselves is limited.

Together with researchers and European citizens CAPTOR aims to

  • install and maintain a network of low-costs sensors for Ozone measurement with and for European citizens
  • deliver high quality, low cost and valid Ozone data from the sensor network
  • support processes of discussion and learning on local level to find solutions to Ozone problems (involving local decision makers, citizens, organisations and researchers)
  • actively involve and empower European citizens to stimulate ownership and responsibility

CAPTOR started in January 2016 with 8 partners and is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Programme under the Grant Agreement No. 68810.

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