+02:003 March 25, 2016

The control of tropospheric ozone concentrations in suburban and rural areas may be achieved by targeting the emission sources of its gaseous precursors. This will imply the implementation of proven emission reduction plans. The main emission sources to be targeted are:

  • Urban and interurban traffic in major cities, which is the largest emitter of ozone precursors. Examples of strategies may be a model of compact city, promoting the use of clean public transport and non motorized means, such as bicycle or walking, as well as reducing the heavy urban and traffic maintaining.
  • Shipping emissions: maritime transport is a major emitter of nitrogen oxides (NOx), examples of strategies are the implementation of NOx emission limits ( and onshore power supply (OPS) (, among others.
  • Industrial emissions: emissions of gaseous precursors by large industrial installations such as power plants may be reduced by adopting the best available industrial technologies and through the increased use of renewable energy, by promoting policies of transition towards a model based on the prevention and reduction of waste generation.



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