experiencing the Climate Camp in Austria

According to the organisers, Climate camps are the heart of the international climate movement. For a few days we will live together in a self-organized way, networking, forming and shaping actions. The camp should provide space for the exchange of ideas, interests and information and it should be a place of inspiration. A place where people come together to think together about creative actions and strategies for the transformation towards a good life for all. More information here: https://systemchange-not-climatechange.at/en/climate-camp-2018/

This year the Camp took place in a lower Austria and CAPTOR was organising a workshop to brainstorm with the participants about our awareness campaign. Although it was very early in the morning, people came up with surprising ideas of how we can get greater attention for the topic of ozone pollution and also signpost our measuring devices that will soon be hanging again in some public spaces in Austria.

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