Friday 19TH and Saturday 20th October, Barcelona Do we breathe toxic air? Will we see one day car-free streets? What do scientists say: are there solutions? What has changed after three years of dieselgate?  What steps are been taken the Governments of Madrid and Valencia and Barcelona? What are the demands of the social movements?[…]

experiencing the Climate Camp in Austria

According to the organisers, Climate camps are the heart of the international climate movement. For a few days we will live together in a self-organized way, networking, forming and shaping actions. The camp should provide space for the exchange of ideas, interests and information and it should be a place of inspiration. A place where people[…]

Austrian Citizen Science Conference

The 4th Austrian Citizen Science Conference took place in Salzburg, 1.-3. Feb. 2018. CAPTOR was there for 2 full days presenting the experiences from the Ozone measuring campaign in Summer 2017 in Austria. The topic raised considerable interest amongst the participants and people showed interest in the maker workshop, which is planned for April 2018.[…]

Climate change and air pollution: a common challenge

The First Catalan Conference on Environmental Law was held during the days 17,18,19 of January in Tarragona (Spain) and has pretended to be an open space for debate and exchange between academia, administrations, economic actors and social organizations, with international participation. The Conferences were  organized by the Tarragona Centre for Environmental Law Studies, of the[…]