CAPTOR Offsprings

Our project is in its finishing phase, we prouldly  present you our (potential) offsprings.

So far we can introduce 4  offspring partners, that want to continue measuring campaigns or research:

Town commune Weiz (Austria)
The town commune of Weiz will prolonge the campaign of messuring Ozone and NO2, the topic of air quality in general is an important matter in this area of Austria.

Cities for life. Kyiv (Ukraine)
The project is about installing a civic air quality monitoring system in Kyiv.
In 2018 they installed 5 devices, that measure PM2.5, PM10, Humidity, Temperature. Some will have O3 and SO2 sensors .


Agricultural University of Beijing (China)
Air pollution is also a big issue in some parts of China, the agricultural university of Beijing will work on developing our meassuring devices and will do research on the topic of Air pollution.

Bildergebnis für Agricultural University of Beijing


Ambente Project (Guatemala)
Christian Saravia’s mission is it to be the first real-time air quality service in Guatemala that provides information to society by freely access,

and industry for private access, that helps generating air quality data through the mapping of air pollution.
They measure atmospheric pollutants in real time in different regions of Guatemala.


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