II Symposium on tropospheric ozone and air quality in Spain

On the 15 and 16th of Setember 2016 the II Symposium on tropospheric ozone and air quality will be held in Valladolid, Spain. European Agency of environment (EEA) and World Health Organization (WHO) latests estimations on the ozone pollution impact in health are very worrying. In the year 2013 caused 17,000 premature deaths in Europe,[…]

Extension of the complaint against Spain for dropping plans to reduce ozone levels

Ecologistas en Acción asks the European Commission to open a third infringement procedure against Spain for violating European legislation on air quality.

 Ecologistas en Acción yesterday lodged a petition  at the European Commission to start sanctionary proceedings against Spain for not having drawn up mandatory plans to improve air quality in the fifty areas which[…]

Tropospheric ozone exhibition in Catalonia

Ecologistas en Acción begins his ozone campaign with two objectives: to raise awareness among the population about the ozone problem to contribute to their solution and reclaim the administrations effective plans to combat this pollutant. During the summer an exhibition will join conferences in the more affected locations in Catalonia where the citizen measuring tropospheric[…]