Official complaint against the Spanish state for neglecting ozone-affected areas

Ecologistas en Acción impeaches the negligence of twelve autonomous communities in Spain causing health damages to almost half of the Spanish population as well as damages to the vegetation of two thirds of the national territory On 15th of July 2016 Ecologistas en Acción has brought forward an impeachment towards the Spanish State to the European Commission for not developing[…]

Awareness raising event for alarming levels of air pollution in Osona

15th July, 2016 | Vic (Spain)  The particularities of the atmospheric pollution  in Osona, their effects and strategies to minimize it. The meteorological and orographic feature of the comarca of Osona in Catalonia means that air pollution is concentrated and values are exceeded alarmingly. There are different contaminants that affect the area: the tropospheric ozone,[…]