We need your help, become a CAPTOR sensor host!

Do you want to know if you breathe polluted air? Do you know what effects has ozone on your health, on crops and nature? Then participate in a citizen science project and help to find solutions to this problem. We test measuring devices and measure the ozone level in different regions in Italy, Spain and Austria. This summer season (2017) we are going to test in Eastern Austria in the regions around Hartberg, Weiz and Neunkirchen.

How does a CAPTOR work?

The CAPTOR measuring device is installed outside and measures the O3 Level. The measuring data are transferred via mobile network to a collective database. The results are shown on the AirAct app or the Captor Website.

We are coming to your home in order to install the CAPTOR. After summer we are deinstalling it. There are no costs for you.

What are the requirements?

You have to live in the testbed area (This year: Hartberg (Stmk), Weiz (Stmk) or Neunkirchen (NÖ ).

– You have to live in a rural area (away from the direct influence of traffic roads or industries, near woods or fields, but not to the top of high mountains)

– You must have a place where you can install the sensor:

  • on the outside, on a balcony or on a window sill

  • It must be located between 1.5 and 4 meters above the ground,

  • place which does not have the structures which hinder the movement of the air,

  • that there is no air conditioning or heater output near,

  • and that have wi-fi, since the sensor sends the information collected through the wi-fi network.

There is no electric connection needed, this year we use a new measuring device called RAPTOR and it´s is battery-powered.

How do you become a CAPTOR sensor host?

Please fill in the contact form OR send us a an email with your information (name/email/phone) and a short description of your location (balkony or garden fence, exact address, photo of the sensor location) to contact@captor-project.eu

When will you receive an answer?

Our team will decide if your location is convenient and will contact you until May. We are going to install the measuring devices in June.