Information campaign & search for volunteers at the Christmas market on Karlsplatz in Vienna

It’s the end of November, temperatures feel more like a late summer evening, but the christmas markets have opened already.  There is no sign of high ozone measurements in Vienna, but we still used the opportunity to present Captor at the market near Viennas  technical university TU.


There we could reach a wide range of people from different regions and countries. Julian mounted an open CAPTOR  to his chest. We had a few precious discussions on the subject and on the project. Some people showed interest in hosting a CAPTOR on their balcony, as they want to know the ozone leves in their home. We noticed, that – even at off-season for ozone pollution – people of all ages and origins can be approached with this issue.


Julian presenting a CAPTOR at a Christmas market in Vienna – in a T-Shirt, as it felt nice a mild summer evening.